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Here you will find race information about the competition in the Team Sportia Hall, 6-hour in Motala 2019-09-28. Participants run or walk as far as they can for 6 hours. The entry fee includes a start, soft drinks and snacks during the race, result release as well as a hand-made medal in marble and dinner buffet with a award ceremony. The race will have a marathon sanction where official results for the marathon distance are obtained after harvesting 42 195m.



Motala, Team Sportia-hallen.



Saturday September 28, 2019.






At 10:00 am.



Women's and men's classes.



200 meters with dosed curves and five courses. The substrate is tartan.

There is the possibility to bring your own tables to stand in the hall for personal consumption / support.


Pick up at 08:00-09:30 am.


The time is taken by chip attached to the shoe.
A TV screen will be available along the track with information on rpm, average speed, distance and time. Current performance data will be published continuously during the race and will be available after the race under the results tab.


Everyone cross the finish line at the same time.
Everyone stops on the track at the signal and waits for the measure manager who comes and measures how far each participant has come the last lap. It is therefore important to stay on the spot.


Number of places
70 places. The reserve list is etablished after a fully subscribed race.

Indoor temperature about 16-17 ° C.

Changing rooms for each women and men with shower room and lockable cabinets are in the hall. Include your own lock. There are also access to a number of smaller safes.

Toilets are located along the track.


Not allowed on the track but it is ok next to for example support table.

There is the possibility to bring your own table and put it up in the hall for personal consumption / support.

During the race rosehip soup, water, cola, sports drink, wholegrain whey, coffee, mini

sandwiches, chocolate, fruit etc. are offered.


Marble handmade medals are awarded to all finishers immediately after the race.


Award ceremony and dinner buffet
At 5 pm we enjoy a dinner together with a taco buffet on the runway (included in the start fee). Vegetarian and lactose-free alternatives will be available (please note in the message upon notification). During dinner, there will also be prizes for the top three runners in each class.


Stands are located along the long sides of the hall.


Make your registration on the entry page.

Late registration
Can be done in the Team Sportia Hall, subject to availability between 08: 00-09: 30 on the day of the competition.

The inner circle run. Competition leader Alexander Daskalakis Pettersson. Administrator and path manager Linda Sjökvist.


Healthcare manager Alexander Daskalakis Pettersson and ambulance nurse/premedic. Healthcare professionals will be present throughout the competition day. Defibrillator and first aid equipment are in place.

Participation in the race and travel to and from the race is at your own risk. You are responsible for ensuring that you have sufficient health to participate.


Driving directions

Medevivägen 59, 591 50 Motala.

Team Sportia-Hall is visible from highway 50.


Large free parking outside the hall.

Hotels / Accommodation
Suggestions is coming up.


Driving directions to the Team Sportia-hall!


Medevivägen 59, 591 50 Motala

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