The Ultradistance race, which was supposed to take place in the Team Sportia hall in Motala 28 / 9-19, is canceled.

Thank you so much for your shown interest!


The inner circle run

Alexander Pettersson, competition leader

Linda Sjökvist

Ultra running for everyone

The inner circle run arranges ultradistance races for both elite and amateur runners. Run or go as far as you can and beat your own personal record. "The inner circle" means that everyone can take part of the special community that the sport imply.

There is something special about race on a track. You have completely different opportunities to perform because you are close to comforts during each lap such as support, fluid, ingestion, toilets and perhaps your own resting place. If the race is indoors, the risk of rain and snow is not particularly great either.

The temperature is stable. You lap by lap will know your co-runners. A special community is formed.

We start up with a 6-hour indoor race in Motala September 28 this year. Our ambition is that the competition will be annually recurring and also be expanded with more competitions and time categories (on other nearby courses) such as 12, 24 and possibly 48h nonstop running.

"Endure is not a meaning of a physical capacity, it is a mental ability". /Yiannis Kouros,

World record holder

Who are we?



The inner circle run is a Swedish company since 2018 and is run by Alexander Daskalakis Pettersson and Linda Sjökvist. Two runners who themselves experienced the joy of exercising and doing it together with others. Now they want to bring the joy to others by arranging races in endurance sports.

Linda is a newly debated runner who is training for her first marathon this year. Alexander started with endurance sports as a teenager running his first marathon as an 18 year old with the driving force to beat his father who is a marathon veteran with the best time of 3h 30min 16sec in 1989. That same year, Alexander took his bicycle to Greece and back to surprise his father in Athens. Read more about the bicycle adventure at Then several years of injury, but in recent times the running has resumed and now it is motivating to arrange an own ultra-distant race. It gives running pleasure and is fun to give others the chance to experience the run, and maybe beat a parent? ;)





Now the entry is finally open to this year's 6-hour race in the Team Sportia-hall in Motala! Welcome! 😃



Join the facebook group The inner circle run and discuss everything related to the race and ultra-running with other participants and curious.


We cooperate with DUV where the race is published on their site. DUV collect the world's ultramarathon races.




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The inner circle run is a Swedish VAT- and employer registered company. Corporate 851028-1952. Holds the music license STIM / SAMI.