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There is an often unexplored joy in running far. A social fellowship, adventure, exercise and competition opportunities. The greatest journey is perhaps the inner.


Ultradistance running, ultra-marathon or ultra-running, these names are collective names for running that exceed the classic marathon distance of 42 195 meters (≈24.2 miles).

Common competition disciplines are 6h, 12h, 24h, 48h and 6 days.

In these races the runners run as far as they can during the race. There are also distance races where regular distances are 50km and 100km. One of the world's most famous distances is Spartathlon in Greece, 246km.


For a long time the sport has been in the shade, but as running over teams has become more popular, ultradistance has also increased. Ultradistance running is growing every year in Sweden and is becoming increasingly popular. More and more competitions are arranged around the country. Sweden has several prominent ultra runners with both world and European records.


The Inner Circle run would attract more people to the sport and let them take part of the experience. Everyone is welcome!

Who can participate in an ultradistance run?



The short answer is that everyone can. You should of course be interested in running and curious about endurance sports. Love the physical and mental struggle and like challenges. Above all, it should be fun.If you are curious to run longer than a classic ma rathon (≈24.2mil) it is a good experience to have tried to run the marathon before. But that's not a must.

"Strength is not a physical capacity, it is a mental ability". /Yiannis Kouros, World record holder


Of course, it is important that you are healthy and have no diseases or health problems that can risk your health. Therefore, always consult with a doctor if you are in doubt before choosing to participate in an ultradistance run. In order not to expose yourself to unnecessary risk of injury, it is also good if you have or acquire a basic trained body that can withstand the strain.





Yiannis Kouros, Greece, world record holder

















Rune Larsson, Swedish ultradistance runner with several records




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